Thursday, 28 March 2013

thursday's got off to a decent start so far.

done a couple of embryo transfers one was a fresh transfer for a very sweet middle aged couple from Angola and the other one was a frozen transfer for a spanish couple.
for those uninitiated this is what a human Egg looks like under microscope,this is retrieved under ultrasound guidance using a very thin and sharp needle(17G) using suction pressure.
as you may imagine it is very different froma hen's egg
the next step is to fertilise the egg using the sperm from the male partner by performing ICSI(intra cytoplasmic sperm injection)
succesful fertilisation results in a dividing embryo which looks like this on day 2 post fertilisation
usually a day 2/3/ or a day 5 transfer is done back into the uterus of the Gestatonal carrier using an embryo transfer catheter which looks like this and consists of two parts an outer sheath which is pre placed into the uterus through the vagina and the cervix and an inner sheath into which the embryo is loaded.
above is a link to a day 3 embryo transfer being performed at my clinic.
after the embryo transfer i assisted in the birth of two lovely twins both boys born by caesarian section at 10.30 am.both are healthy and are doing fine.should be in the nicu for a week before they can go hearty congratulations to Mrs and Mr.SVS from USA and to the gestational it is over to case manager Anjani Kumar to process their paper work in order for them to get their passports from the US consulate and exit visa from the FRRO.should take two to three weeks before the boys can go back with thei folks to the USA.