Monday, 1 April 2013

Back after a nice weekend,hope all of you had a fun Easter!!
i was in Bangalore over the weekend for a the SASSM(south asian society for sexual medicine) was held at the Indian Institute of Science,it has a lovely campus i must say.i was very impressed by the infrastructure over there.

the conference in itself was highly informative and was a good platform to meet several experts from all over the world in a field that is very up and coming and i believe a somewhat neglected area in the field of modern medicine
since the explosion of feminism in the last twenty five years men have been the neglected species and whilst i am all for women power,this i believe is unfair and Generally the impact has been on men's sexual health especially the age group of 40 to 70 years.the lectures focussed on several important issues like Erectile dysfunction,premature ejaculation and sexual health in men suffering from cancer
it is important for men suffering from cancer to realise that they have the option of preserving their fertility by getting their semen or testicular tissue frozen as radio and chemotherpay has the potential to destroy the testicular tissue.
the supra sperm semen bank located at the Kiran infertility centre of which i am the Director has helped several such men preserve their fertility and also helped in creating awareness about this not only amongst the general population but also amongst the medical community.
so i took the early morning flight today from bangalore and reached the centre directly and
awaiting me in the lab were oocytes from two patients,one was a young oocyte donor and the other was a 40 year old lady with Endometriosis.
Endometriosis is a very common cause of infertility amongst females resulting in poor egg quality
In endometriosis, cells that normally line the uterus leave the organ and become deposited in other sites within the body, such as on the ovaries, rectum, bladder or pelvic area. These deposits respond the same way as normal uterine cells do to the hormone changes that occur over a woman's monthly cycle meaning they thicken, and then shrink  which can cause pain in the pelvic region due to adhesions and bleeding.
Endometriosis is thought to affect 5 to 10 percent of women.

now here is an interesting fact about Endometriosis-according to a study done in Italy,The more attractive the woman the more she may be predisposed to developing a severe form of endometriosis!!Several researchers believe that a general phenotype exists which is associated with the disease!
Female attractiveness is linked with higher estrogen levels, and it's possible that the hormone "might favor the development of aggressive and infiltrating endometriotic lesions, particularly in the most feminine subjects," The women also completed a questionnaire about their sexual history, and the results showed that women with severe endometriosis were more likely to have had sexual intercourse before age 18. This could be a result of these women being more attractive, even during adolescence, the researchers said.
 Hilary Clinton who was diagnosed with endometriosis and had a difficult time conceiving her first child Chelsea Clinton. Other famous women who have been diagnosed and faced endometriosis include Marilyn Monroe, Dolly Parton , Mary Jo Fernandez, Queen Victoria of the British Empire, Deirdre Hall and super model Padma Laxmi.
women having Pelvic Endomteriosis find it very difficult to concieve naturally and even if they concieve they find it difficult to continue the pregnancy to term resulting frequently in miscarriage and pre term labour,in these women IVF and Surrogacy is a god option to have their own genetic child.