Thursday, 25 April 2013

this is my personal response to the scores of negative stories put forward by biased and paid media against surrogacy in INDIA.
From the developments in the last few days it is amply clear that a lot of news articles and stories have been biased and carried forward with an Agenda to discredit the Indian Doctors,Surrogate mothers and the entire surrogacy industry in INDIA.

certain tabloids such as the Daily mail and news channels like the CBS are deliberately carrying paid stories to discredit the good  work that has been done INDIAN medical fraternity and Indian women who have been surrogate mothers in the last few years and the INDIAN MEDIA has also picked up on these stories without verifying the truth behind them.

the ESHRE and FIGO report is based on the study of an INDIAN scientist which seems to be completely biased and was based out of only 1 or 2 cities whereas the fact is that surrogacy is carried out on a big scale in almost all major cities in INDIA.

the fact which cannot be ignored is that thousands of babies have been born for foreign nationals in INDIA in the last 4 to 5 years.has ESHRE or FIGO or HAGUE conducted a detailed study on this population and asked them how they feel about surrogacy in INDIA after having their babies?and who has given them the right the comment on services provided by the Indian Medical fraternity.
 have they interviewed the thousands of surrogate mothers and egg donors whose lives have been transformed,whose kids have finally been able to get a decent education and they could finally shift from a thatched hut into a concrete roof !!

poverty in various countries cannot be measured by just one yardstick!!

for example anyone who earns less than 20,000usdollars/year(10 lakh Indian rupees)in the USA is considered poor whereas in INDIA even well educated and prosperous middle class don’t earn so much/year.

there have been several hundreds of  couples who have tried surrogacy in USA,Canada and other countries and have spent upwards of two hundred thousand dollars and have been completely broke without a pregnancy and have successfully turned to INDIA and had babies for as much as 25,000usdollars.

there are stories of surrogate’s being exploited in the USA,UK,Canada etc as well then why does ESHRE,FIGO and the HAGUE turn a blind eye toward these stories.

why are these stories not being picked up by the international media.there have been stories of big surrogacy agencies being investigated for fraud and cheating in the USA and Canada by the FBI itself.a simple google search will reveal hundreds of such horror stories.

ESHRE and FIGO are apparently worried about the lack of quality care for surrogate mothers.all surrogacy cases are carried out by certified private clinics and hospitals in INDIA which are amongst the best in the world in their fields if not the best.

complications arise in women carrying natural pregnancies as well and this cannot be avoided but can be treated and diagnosed and the whole world is aware of the competence of INDIAN Doctors!

can the foreign press assure us that surrogate’s in the USA do not  suffer from complications and exploitation?the fact of that matter is if everything was hunky dory in the western countries with regards to surrogacy their clients would never have turned to INDIA.

why has the western world made having a baby through ART and surrogacy such an expensive this not exploitation of their own people??

if there were such huge issues facing  surrogacy in INDIA then it would not have been so would have been finished like it happened in PANAMA or GREECE or the UKRAINE!

the fact is that the American surrogacy industry is running scared because they are loosing out millions of dollars because almost all their clients are or were turning to india.

the fact is that surrogacy in the usa is feasible for a very small percentage of the population and the majority of the population is succesfully turning to INDIA.

 the statements put forward by ESHRE,FIGO and the HAGUE are biased,unjustified and totally contrary to the actual picture of surrogacy in INDIA.

the fact is that these organisations or their representatives have never been to INDIA and so are unaware of the ground realities.
 the need of the hour is to challenge these inaccurate statements and stories made henceforward portraying India and its citizens in poor light by various agencies and press in appropriate forums and may even sue if necessary.

ESHRE or FIGO or for that matter the HAGUE or the UN should not have a say in how INDIA,its citizens and its Doctors function.they have no right to preach to us and are themselves not above the law!

the Hagues says that “In these circumstances(poverty), concerns have arisen that women may be coerced, or even forced, into becoming surrogate mothers”

coming from a body which promotes human rights and equality this is insulting and downright racist to the INDIAN woman and their independence and right to free thinking and choice!! ,no woman anywhere in the world will carry a pregnancy for 9 months unless she wants to,no one can coerce her or force her!

these agencies should realize that INDIAN women who become surrogate mothers are doing such out of their own free will and doing this to be able to afford a better lifestyle for themselves so more power to them!they have no right to pass judgement on them!!surrogacy gives them a choice to become financially independent which unfortunately is not being provided to them by their own elected representatives!

the indian Surrogacy industry is helping thousands of women and their families come out of poverty and giving them an opportunity to lead a prosperous life!besides this it is helping in promoting the tourism and hotel industry thereby contributing in a major way to INDIA economy.

it is entirely upto the INDIAN govt. alone to give directives regarding this matter and even the INDIAN it wrong by banning single and Gay individuals from having a baby through surrogacy in INDIA and at the same time allowing married heterosexual couples to come here and have a baby.

this discriminatory approach has played directly into the hands of the foreign press and associations such as ESHRE,FIGO and the HAGUE who have been waiting for such an opportunity to discredit the INDIAN Surrogacy industry and its Doctors.