Wednesday, 17 April 2013

why rahul Gandhi should not be PM!!
at a recent event while speaking to the Captain of the Indian Industries Rahul gandhi Referred to india as a beehive!! yes that is correct -A beehive!!
earlier when compared to the chineese Dragon,India was often referred to as the Elephant,which is still an Apt Anology,but a Beehive??is the Guy on weed or something?
everyone knows that the beehive has workers who slog,drones who do not work but have the capacity to fertilise and reproduce and the queen bee who rules the Roost!!now keeping in Mind that Sonia Gandhi the Congress chief is rahul's mother,it makes the anology even more bizarre!!
the question that begs to be answered is,do we want a good for nothing leader like Rahul gandhi to come to power and become our prime Minister?
he has not qualities of a leader,he sounds more like a Philosopher,i have listened to him several times in the past and never has he spoken on any important issues!
he says that there are several wrongs that India is facing and it will take time to control and correct these wrongs,well your family has been ruling the country for the last 60 years!! is 60 years not enough Mr.gandhi?
all of us know what the problems are Mr.Gandhi,we want a solution!! and you definetely are not the solution!! Narendra Modi is!!