Friday, 31 May 2013

why surrogacy should be strictly regulated but not banned!!

Surrogacy is in the news again for the legislation of the pro surrogacy bill in Louisana,USA.
now the Americans and other western media propose to ban surrogacy in INDIA but are set to legislate on a pro surrogacy bill in the USA!!it is extremely disappointing to hear the often repeated arguement of  -Indian women are being exploited surfacing again and again by various vested interests both in INDIA and Abroad
and the less spoken about the hypocrisy of the Western press and media the better!!the Louisana surrogacy bill if passed will also disqualify gay men and women and single men and women from becoming parents through surrogacy because the sate of Louisana has not legalised same sex marriage as yet.when the Indian Govt.took such a step early this year,there was a lot of Hungama from the foreign press terming it discriminatory and regressive!!however not a word yet regarding the Regressive louisana Surrogacy bill?
the truth is that this arguement is being used by anti-surrogacy groups who are against assisted reproduction technologies like IVF and Surrogacy.
i am tired and angry at this misconception being represented about Indian women that they are too ignorant, ill-informed or otherwise unable to make sensible decisions with regards to being surrogate mothers and carrying a preganncy to term and handing over that baby to the genetic parents whereas in the same breath an American Surrogate is deemed to be sound of judgement? 
yes complications will happen and controversies in this exciting and rapidly advancing field of medicine keep cropping up from time to time,hence regulation is the need of the hour.
a majority of surrogacy arrangements end happily with the birth of a healthy baby/ies and with all the parties feeling satisfied with the process and the outcome.
this baby would not have been born at the kiran infertility centre today but for an absolute act of altruism on behalf of the surrogate motherPhoto: Another Surrogacy baby born! Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Omi from Japan on the birth of their healthy baby boy weighing 2400 gms conceived and born by the Gestational Surrogacy program of the Kiran Infertility Center, Hyderabad, India, today morning at 9:30 am IST.
Dr.Samit Sekhar
ivf and surrogacy program director.
kiran infertility centre,private limited.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Got a sweet msg from Zoe(her parents-glen and Kate) last night.
"Hello Dr. Samit & Kiran Staff,
I hope you are well. I just turned 11 months and I am very happy little girl!
Lots of love",

it seems just the other day when i held Zoe in the palm of my hand in the form of a 4 celled embryo.
now she is a big girl riding her scooter.
To all the opponents of Assisted reproduction and Surrogacy including various Governments,Churches,Religious Hypocrites out there who have not kept up with the advances in medicine and science, all i need to say is that there are millions of infertile couples out there across the world,a baby completes their family,brings happiness to their lonely lives.we the Ivf clinics and surrogacy Doctors are just trying to bridge this gap in their lives.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

well congratulations are in order for the Mr.Omi from japan on the birth of his son,delivered today morning at 9.30 am.
the lad came in a little early at 36 weeks.i checked up on the surrogate mother last night at 10 pm and she was fine had a little abdominal discomfort but there was no sign of labour and the cervix was closed,however today morning at 7 am got a call from the nurse stating that the surrogate had PROM(pre mature rupture of membranes).so we did a emergency section.
both surrogate mother and baby are doing fine.
so another feather in the cap for the kiran infertility centre'sSurrogacy program.

Govt set to allow visas to singles too for surrogacy

well as i said earlier we will not rest until we get this ban reversed,slowly and surely the Government seems to be realising that it commited a blunder by not allowing Gay and Lesbians from having their baby through surrogacy in is discriminatory to say the least when the entire world is in the throes of an LGBT revolution and giving them equal rights.
India is going backwards by having such  ridiculous rules in place.first of all our health minister himself commited a blunder by being quoted on record that  homosexuality is a disease(this statement he later regretted)
however the Journalist who wrote this piece deserves the bad journalist award because the article is full of contradictions,yes i am aware that a lot of times journalists quote sources who they cant reveal for obvious reasons but they should atleast cross check what they write especially when they are writing for a natioanl newspaper like the indian Express.
 quoting an MHA official,the journalist writes
."The new rules will, however, continue to bar gay or lesbian couples from hiring surrogate mothers in India. But one of the partners, either male or female, can get a medical visa(is the journo suggesting that the MHA source is provinding a loophole). They can visit India for a period of one year, which can be extended by another six months," said a senior official. Couples have to be married for at least two years before qualifying for such visas.
and the the heading is -Govt set to allow visas to singles too for surrogacy
so obviously he means that heterosexual couples need to be married for atleast 2 years to get  a surrogacy/medical visa and single men and women can proceed immediately?
so now the rule is discriminatory for married heterosexual couples whereas earlier it discriminated against singles and the LGBT community.
look the reasons for this Harakiri is very simple,the people in the MHA have absolutely no knowledge of the Surrogacy and ART industry.they should invite leaders in this field take their opinions and get this sorted out!

Monday, 27 May 2013

Bayern Win!!
well finally Arjen Robben has been able to exorcise the ghosts from his past,for all his fluffed chances in the first half it looked like Bayern and Robben were choking again,but in the final few minutes that genius of a footballer Frank Ribery was able to conjure up some magic with the sweetest of back passes for Robben to wrong foot both Hummels and the keeper and slot the ball home!imagine the Sorrow at the Allianz arena if Robben had missed and Bayern had lost!
anyways my symapthies with Dortmund,they played superbly in the first 30 minutes but then somehow looked flat for the remainder of the game.
i think they sorely missed Goetze who was out with a mysterious injury and is already now a Bayern Munich player and for all reasons it looks like Lewandowski will also move to Bayern next year.
it will be difficult for Klopp and Dortmund to produce the same brand of attractive soccer the next season with their 2 stars heading to Bayern Munich!

some more Random pictures of Patients and their incredible journeys to have a baby through surrogacy at the kiran infertility centre,Hyderabad,India.,as they say a picture can say a 1000 words.

posted by Dr.Samit Sekhar-ivf and surrogacy program director.

Message from a proud new Dad…: It is with immense and indescribable happiness that I’m announcing the birth of our twins: Maika, our daughter and Yanni, our son! Both were born on January 30, 2011 in beautiful INDIA!! About a week after birth, they were discharged from a good hospital and came with us at the hotel!! Another magic mom...ent. The family’s arrival at the Taj hotel was greeted and celebrated by wonderful staff member and friends with a beautiful cake and words of welcome offered by the employees of the hotel who so kindly took us under their wing.

Not even 2 weeks and 2 days later, we are on our way home! We will miss India and can’t wait to come back.Magic? A little bit yes but mostly, we owe all this to our wonderful Surrogate, to Dr Samit sekhar, to the KIRAN Infertility centre'  amazing team of surrogacy specialists, and to all the loving people who have supported us in this adventure. Thank you!!

I can’t finish without thanking my wonderful wife. We hoped for children for almost ten years but life had other plans for us… I almost lost my love to a severe paralysis and it is with love, courage, and determination that she stayed alive. We would have never thought that a few years later she was to bring us all the way to India so we would realize our lifelong dream of becoming parents.

In June 2010 we were heading to India and already a couple of weeks later, our Surrogate was pregnant! Only a few months have passed since and we were already back to India welcoming our twins to the world; the love of our lives!

Our path is neither simple nor traditional but we would not change a thing. Having a surrogate in India is an experience filled with love and gratitude. Two families helping each other from one side of the planet to the other and who completely and mutually transform each other’s life. Every cell of our being is grateful for these extraordinary women who have helped us build our family. On her part, our surrogate’s and her family’s life This experience, filled with sensitivity, demonstrates that simple and fundamental family values transcend geography and culture. Our meeting with our Surrogate transformed us. Love and gratitude, felt by both sides, made the words useless and completely broke down language barriers.

When I see my wife tenderly holding and looking a our little Maika and little Yanni, I have the profound feeling and conviction that all is right in the universe.

surrogacy story of sharon and Andrew Sookram from USA.
Our journey to explore surrogacy in India was totally unexpected. I was 38 years old when I gave birth to our beautiful daughter, a healthy full-term baby, however, we lost her in a tragic car accident 4 years later. Despite our loss, we knew we definitely wanted a 2nd chance at parenthood. I did two egg retrievals/IVF treatments with some of the best specialists at Cornell-NYC and Hyderabad, India, however, eggs retrieved were sub-par quality due to my age.

We briefly considered adoption in South America but quickly decided that it was not an option for us due to the legal steps involved. After the loss of our daughter, we knew we wanted another newborn baby, and I really did not have the mental stamina to go through a lengthy legal process only to be told that the birth mother will not relinquish her rights (personal situation with my best friend).

One Sunday afternoon after almost giving up hope I decided to get surrogacy done in India. To say that our lives have changed is an understatement; today we are proud and grateful parents to two healthy and handsome boys: Theo and Thur born on December 5, 2010. The word "parents" would not have been possible for us!we would like to thank All the Doctors at the kiran infertility centre,epecially dr.Samit Sekhar and his team of surrogacy specialists

this is an article about the State of Louisana,USA opting for a pro surrogacy bill,like i have stated on numerous occasions earlier,the USA performs the maximum number of surrogacy cycles every year and the volumes are ten times more than performed in INDIA.then why is it that Surogacy in India is bad and exploitative whereas Surrogacy in USA can be promoted?
the answer is simple,the American Clinics were loosing out a majority of their patients to Indian clinics and hence the paid ongoing press and media campaign against surrogacy in INDIA.
the surrogacy industry in USA is worth Billions of dollars,i have had several patients on record who have spent close to 300 thousand US$ in America  and no baby,they came to us and in 25-30k us$ they have their baby!obviously the American Surrogacy industry is worried!
Dr.Samit Sekhar

Friday, 24 May 2013

some randome pics of patients who came to kic for having a baby through the KIC surrogacy program.