Monday, 27 May 2013

Message from a proud new Dad…: It is with immense and indescribable happiness that I’m announcing the birth of our twins: Maika, our daughter and Yanni, our son! Both were born on January 30, 2011 in beautiful INDIA!! About a week after birth, they were discharged from a good hospital and came with us at the hotel!! Another magic mom...ent. The family’s arrival at the Taj hotel was greeted and celebrated by wonderful staff member and friends with a beautiful cake and words of welcome offered by the employees of the hotel who so kindly took us under their wing.

Not even 2 weeks and 2 days later, we are on our way home! We will miss India and can’t wait to come back.Magic? A little bit yes but mostly, we owe all this to our wonderful Surrogate, to Dr Samit sekhar, to the KIRAN Infertility centre'  amazing team of surrogacy specialists, and to all the loving people who have supported us in this adventure. Thank you!!

I can’t finish without thanking my wonderful wife. We hoped for children for almost ten years but life had other plans for us… I almost lost my love to a severe paralysis and it is with love, courage, and determination that she stayed alive. We would have never thought that a few years later she was to bring us all the way to India so we would realize our lifelong dream of becoming parents.

In June 2010 we were heading to India and already a couple of weeks later, our Surrogate was pregnant! Only a few months have passed since and we were already back to India welcoming our twins to the world; the love of our lives!

Our path is neither simple nor traditional but we would not change a thing. Having a surrogate in India is an experience filled with love and gratitude. Two families helping each other from one side of the planet to the other and who completely and mutually transform each other’s life. Every cell of our being is grateful for these extraordinary women who have helped us build our family. On her part, our surrogate’s and her family’s life This experience, filled with sensitivity, demonstrates that simple and fundamental family values transcend geography and culture. Our meeting with our Surrogate transformed us. Love and gratitude, felt by both sides, made the words useless and completely broke down language barriers.

When I see my wife tenderly holding and looking a our little Maika and little Yanni, I have the profound feeling and conviction that all is right in the universe.