Monday, 3 June 2013

Parents of twins with the help of Surrogacy.
a few days back i had mentioned about the birth of twins of Thai and Ngan Tran,residents of USA at The kiran infertility centre through Surrogacy.
well they recieved their American passports a while back and now are applying for exit visas at the FRRO for their babies. they came by the clinic today to click some pictures and say Good Byes.
i must admit that there is a bit of an overwhelming feeling when something like this happens,even though i try to be as emotionally detached as possible because it is easy to get carried away when the parents cant stop thanking you enough and call you their "hero" and compare you to "God",it is important to stay grounded for 2 reasons which My Pop always told me
1.never get too happy when things are going your way
2.never be too sad when things go against you.
these two things i have always kept in mind,enough of the philosophy,lets see some pictures
 Saji with the parents and their twins-Saji is the chauffer.
 Anjani kumar

 the Surrogate mother with the couple and their babies.this moment was very emotional for everyone in the room.

Dr.Samit Sekhar
IVF and Surrogacy program Director.