Saturday, 22 June 2013

Recieved a very sweet message this morning,so sharing it with everyone was from Kate and Glen Lopez a canadian couple who had their beautiful lil Daughter ZOE through our surrogacy program.i am sharing it because it will also help several of you who are finding it difficult to concieve after the first few tries,have patience it does work out!

"A very Happy First Birthday to the sweetest little girl - our Zoe,
There are no words that can express the joy and happiness she brought into our lives!
We will be forever grateful to Dr. Samit Sekhar, Anjani Kumar, our surrogate Roja and the entire team at Kiran InfertilityCenter.
It took us 7 long and hard years to become parents, but the wait was so worth.
For any Intended Parents - wherever you may be on your journey to parenthood - do not give up! Miracles happen - just look at our Little Angel Zoe Makena Lopez."