Thursday, 6 June 2013

well another success story of Surrogacy in India.

well today we were paid a visit by vijay and Neeta Maddala and their beautiful little daughter Priya who was born a couple of months ago through our surrogacy program.vijay and Neeta are Americans but their folks and family are based in INDIA so they were not in a tearing hurry to get back home.the good news is that Priya got her American passport and now they are headed to the FRRO to complete the paperwork and get the exit visa which should take 7 to 10 days.
it wasn't the easiest of journies for vijay and neeta to be able to have a baby,both are in their late forties and have had a long wait to hold their baby in their hands.infact vijay had to come twice to give his samples as the first time around it had not worked for them.
so no wonder when priya was born they had a big cradle ceremony for her and invited their friends and family in order to share their happiness with their close family and friends.

another succesful surrogacy cycle comes to a beautiful finale at the Kiran infertility centre!

Dr.Samit Sekhar.
ivf and surrogacy program Director.