Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Hollywood & Bollywood stars who had babies through surrogacy

recently there was news that star wars director George Lucas and his wife Mellody Hobson recently announced the birth of their baby girl via surrogacy.some others  famous celebrities who had their babies through surrogacy are
 Elizabeth Banks who has acted in scrubs and 30 Rock.
Tv show host Giuliana Rancic had to turn to Surrogacy post a double mastectomy.
other famous personalities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman,Neil Patrick Harris
Elton John,Ricky Martin and  Michael Jackson.

closer to home we have Aamir khan and Shahrukh Khan who have had babies through surrogacy in the last year.Journalists ask these personalities pretty stupid questions like"are you endorsing Surrogacy??" just because they are famous it does not mean that they are endorsing surrogacy!! it is not a product like a soft drink or car or a watch to be endorsed!!

even after so many years unfortunately Surrogacy is still treated with a Stigma by vested interests which results in its commodification!