Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year!!

It has been a challenging year for me like so many years before 2013!! They say that a life lived for one's own purpose is a life lived easy but a life that is lived for the benefit of others and for a higher purpose is and will always be a life filled with challenges,ups and downs,plenty of criticism and sarcasm!!well i have gotten used to a Challenging life and my challenge in 2014 will be to help all those folks who i could not help in 2013 to have a baby through our IVF and Surrogacy program.
it has been a year of consolidation at the Kiran infertility centre and it's Surrogacy program with the New visa regulations in place and 2014 will open up a lot of avenues for our patients to undergo ivf and surrogacy in another setting maybe even another country(:
on behalf of all the Doctors,Para medical staff,case managers,Egg donors and Surrogate mothers i wish Everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Dr.Samit Sekhar.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Indian Surrogacy helps develop life long friendship for couples from different nationalities

In the picture below are couples from 3 different nationalities staying at our service apartment.
Mrs and Mr.Bolsover  from London,Mrs and Mr.Rodrigues  from Spain and Mrs and Mr.Sathasivan from INDIA.soon they will be joined by couples from Australia,Uk and canada
in the last 7 years we have seen people from several different countries become good friends and bond whilst spending time in INDIA away from their families. they have developed and grown into one big family,the Kiran clinic family!
they come from different backgrounds,different cultures and speak a myriad of languages but the common thread that binds them is INDIA.
we have helped couples from more than 40 different countries to have babies through our ivf and surrogacy program.

surrogacy in Hyderabad-baby girl for Brazilian nationals.


Thursday, 26 December 2013

Canadian baby born to surrogate mother in Hyderabad,India.

MrXiaoping Li from Ontario,canada was blessed with a baby girl on Xmas Day.
the baby is healthy and doing fine thanks to the efforts of Doctors and para medical staff at the Kiran Infertility Center.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Surrogacy in INDIA-Bringing families together

The below picture is of Mike,Brad and their dauther Ashton posing with Rusell Wagoner and his son Rhys.Russell's partner Richard is missing from this family pic.
Mike and Brad are from Kentucky,USA and they had taken their Daughter Ashton to NYC and they caught up with Rhys and Russell over there.
both Ashton and Rhys have been born with the help of the Kiran infertility centre,Surrogacy program and Ashton was infact one of our first surrogacy babies.
it feels great that surrogacy in INDIA has helped provide oppurtunities for Intended parents from countries all over the world to have babies.
we also feel humbled by all the love and affection shown by our patients when they send us such pictures thanking us.

holding new borns

Honestly speaking i had rather hold a dish full of embryos in my hands rather than a new born in my arms,initially i used to be paranoid but i am more comfortable now as the picture below would show.
the baby was born to an Indian couple now working in the UK.
i showed the picture to my family and they said i needed to get some sleep(:
Me and Sleep dont get along too well!!! that topic we shall leave for some other day!!!

Surrogacy in hyderabad,India.

Ramon and Sonia from Tarragona,Spain welcomed their baby girl Dania Vives on 4/12/2013.
they will now apply for the spanish passport for their daughter and then approach the FRRO for Exit permission according to the laws pertaining to surrogacy in INDIA

Ramon,Sonia and Dania with medical director Dr.Kiran Sekhar at Kiran infertility centre.

surrogacy in India -baby born for yet another Couple from london in hyderabad

Gary and Tracy Bolsover from  London welcomed their little princess Heaven Mia into the world on 11/12/13
Gary and tracy had tried for a baby for the last 4 years at our clinic initially starting with ivf hen moving to oocyte and embryo donation having had bio chemical pregnancies,ectopic pregnancy and recurrent miscarriage.
finally they opted for surrogacy and Mia was concieved in the very first embryo transfer.

Friday, 6 December 2013

surrogacy baby for British couple

A baby girl was born today morning and the new parents Mrs and Mr.Bhamb from the United Kingdom are over the moon.
more than 50 babies have been born to commissioning parents from great Britain with the help of the kic Ivf and Surrogacy program.

Surrogacy baby for American couple

A baby girl was born to Mrs and Mr.Ganji from USA on 4th december 2013.
more than a 100 babies have been born to American couples with the help of the Kic surrogacy and Ivf program.

Surrogacy baby for Spanish couples

baby of Ramon and Sonia Rodrigues was born on 4th December 2013.
this is baby number 5 for Spanish couples at our clinic and the beginning of many more to come.