Friday, 18 April 2014

Presenting India's first Surrogacy Walk in New Delhi on 20/4/2014!!

India takes a global role in Third Party Reproduction with INSTAR (Indian Society for Third Party Assisted Reproduction) hosting two National events on the 20th of April.

We would like to cordially invite you to the  INSTAR Walk on Surrogacy on 20th April at 730 am to 830 am at Nehru Stadium New Delhi followed by a stimulating Workshop with leaders in the field from the legal, medical and government sector sharing the latest up to date information, clarifying questions
The Surrogacy Walk is a first for India, approx 500 people including surrogate mothers, their husbands, their extended family members and doctors lawyers social workers and the ART Banks are participating THEME SURROGACY BUILDS FAMILIES

This walk challenges the notion that Surrogate mothers are abandoned by their families and their husbands as they are doing surrogacy. It challenges the notion that the family looks down upon surrogate mothers.
This walk demonstrates that in fact the husbands and family members of Surrogate Mothers have come out in their support -- You can interview our participants for opinions

A Preliminary Survey done by INSTAR with 7 organisations in India in New Delhi, Gujrat, Hyderabad (Dr Bavishi Fertility Institute, Fertility Care India and SCI Healthcare, International Fertility Center, Kiran Infertility Centre, NGO Amma, ANA Med ART Bank and Services, New Life India ART Bank) on 179 surrogate mothers has asked the question about the surrogate mother's husbands views and her family's views on her being a surrogate mother
The most common answer was "Accha" which means good (Details of the survey are available on request)
In an outpouring of support parents with abbies born in India by Surrogacy from Acress the GLOBE USA UK BrAZIL CANADA AUSTRALIA etc have sent video messages for SUPPORT of their Surrogate MOTHERS and the SURROGACY WALK 

The WORKSHOP will be attended by Dr Ranjana Kumari from the Centre for Social Research and Dr Sharma From the Indian Council of Medical Research and International Embassies of over 20 countries have also been invited

ART Banks of Indian origin, Caucasian origin and African Origin Egg donors will give their views - for The first time in India. According to the Banks the problems that arise are due to a minority of unscruplous elements claiming to be ART Banks. This is done to cut costs of treatment as they  dont have complete paperwork etc. Only registered Companies who have applied for registration with the ICMR should be used by doctors and patients, this will go a long way in reducing the problems.

Standardised Documentation for Surrogacy will be given - this is for reference purpose and has been vetted by Legal and Medical Experts in the Relevant field and is in LOCAL Language and is an extension of the ICMR guidelines especially for post delivery care of the surrogate mothers and counselling for the process

A Survey cum Consensus STATEMENT will be presented in the CONFERENCE on 21st of April - Relating to the field of Egg donation with atleast 200 participants including Doctors ART Banks legal Experts and Counsellors and Social workers

All members of INSTAR are proud of the work of ICMR in bringing together National guidelines for ART that will guide practice across India in Third Party Reproduction routing out disreputable parties and “middle men”. INSTAR members’ stand with ICMR in creating an Indian voice demonstrating best practice in being one of the few countries in the world with consistent guidelines for both ART; Third Party Reproduction and compensated surrogacy.

Through the practice of INSTAR members, members will demonstrate that surrogates are able to make informed decisions’, supported by their families and are proud of their role in building and strengthening families