Monday, 28 April 2014

Surrogacy in India

Sheeba and Jacob from Dubai and Marcelo from Brasil were blessed with children last week with the helps of our surrogacy program.
i met one of the parents today and they were very very happy.they have been trying since several years to have a baby.
it feels good to work in a profession where all parties involved are benefitted and you can make abig difference to the lives of others on a daily basis but sadly the Indian Government does not seem to have a mind of its own when it comes to most matters and the same is with International surrogacy and seems to be dictated by what the foreign press and lobby have to say.
apparently the prime minister of India was also told by his belgian counterpart that members from EU countries should not be allowed surrogacy in INDIA.
the good news is that Elections are all in full swing and i hope that this Puppet government is thrown out of power and Narendra Modi who has a strong will ,a mind of his own and a vision for development and growth and is known to have a favour
able stand on surrogacy become Prime Minister!!the whole of India needs him and even though i have cases lined up on voting day i will get up earlier than usual at 5 am and go and vote first and then go and work!!