Friday, 30 May 2014

Some Happy Surrogacy Memories from Uk,Canada and Australia at kiran infertility centre

Surrogacy in India.

Surrogacy from Tanzania

This week one of our patients who earlier tried ivf with donor eggs at our clinic and did not succeed wanted to continue the process with the help of a surrogate mother.
due to the new Visa regulations we were in a bit of a quandry because they needed a letter from the government of Tanzania stating that once the baby/babies will be born for this couple they will grant them citizenship and passport.
after  a lot of trying they were able to get this documents and will be coming for treatment in june/july.
similarly a lot of our patients were amongst the first to be able to get this letter of recognition-Angola,Barbados,Argentina,Brasil.this helped streamline the process for other clinics as well and made the procss  easier for their patients.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Norway’s National Association for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender persons allows for non trial surrogacy.
The surrogacy subject arose during Sunday’s national congress. LLH believe it should be an equal option with other forms of assisted reproduction.
“For many of our members, this is the way they can create a family with their own biological ties,” Bard Nylund, head of LLH said to VĂ¥rt Land.
Norwegians currently travel abroad so they can start their own family, as surrogacy is illegal in Norway.
It is estimated that 150 Norwegian children were born by surrogacy in countries such as India or the United States.
Legal rights will only be generally granted to parents under Norwegian law if one of the parents are residents of Norway when a child is born outside the geographic boundaries of the country in these cases.
Another issue is that adoption may be required to obtain legal rights as parents in cases where parenthood cannot be granted under the Norwegian law.
At the same time, homosexuals are losing out when it comes to adopting children.
“There are many countries that will not adopt to same-sex couples, which consequently means this is only a possibility on paper,” Mr Nylund explained.

Monday, 26 May 2014

British Surrogate mother agrees to have her mum's baby as but changes her mind after the birth

'The bond with my baby was stronger than the bond with my mum': Daughter agreed to have her mother's baby as a surrogate - but then changed her mind and decided to KEEP the child
Leaves me baffled!!

Embryology 101-my presentation at the Surrogacy Australia conference in melbourne!

 i was supposed to speak at the SA conference in Melbourne last weekend but at the last moment i had to cancel flights because of other professional commitments.
i had to pre record my presentation and send it to them via web.
the Wonders of technology!!

Sunday, 25 May 2014

From Surrogacy to Reality TV!!Uk's first gay surrogate parents Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlow set for TV series!!

A GAY couple from Danbury will be propelled into the nation’s living rooms this Monday when a TV series about their surrogacy company begins.
Barrie, 43, and Tony Drewitt-Barlow, 49, hit the headlines in 2000 when they became Britain’s first gay surrogate parents. They now have five children and are considered ‘the most famous gay dads in the country’.
Since their first child, the couple have set up their own surrogacy company – the British Surrogate Centre – to help other couples throughout Europe have a child.
The show will follow the trials and tribulations of the company, highlighting the good times and the tearful times. It was the brainchild of fellow Essex lad David Van Day, former member of band Guys’n’Dolls.
Of the show, Barrie said: “You can’t help, but get emotional with some of the stories you hear coming into our office. But it’s also important for people to see the horror stories, like seeing innocent people getting ripped off by agencies.
“We’ve done one hour shows in the past, but this time filming is for a whole series and took about ten months. For the first time people will be
The couple are parents to one girl, Saffron, and four boys, Dallas, Orlando, Aspen, and Jasper, and became one of the first gay couples to get married when it was leglaised in March.
However Barrie found the day a bit of an anti-climax, preferring the couples civil partnership at Hylands House ceremony in 2006.
He said: “Tony was sick with cancer at the time, so it meant more. We didn’t know if he would be around.”
*The show starts on Monday, May 26, on Showcase, Sky channel 192.
able to see the real us, the kids screaming and everything!”

Friday, 23 May 2014

Surrogacy in India from Brasil

Got a very sweet message today from a patient of mine from brasil.

·         Dear Doctor Samit Sekhar, 

·       "  I'm writing to say once again how grateful I am for you have helped me to have my son.

The expertise of you and your team was inspiring of AWE, I couldn't have been more fortunate to have known the Kiran infertility Center.

The kindness and professional competence, I found there, of all people, is incredible, and I want you to know that I will be eternally grateful.

Your work is so important. And you excel in their work in every way possible.

So, thank you. My family and I will never forget what you have done for us.

Once again, thank you!

With infinite gratitude",

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Just 2 more days and India will bounce back!!

Like a Phoenix!!India will rise once again,the last decade or so has been horrible under the rule of the congress government and  the election results this coming friday will give power to the BJP led NDA,a party that i support and led by Narendra Modi,India will be back on track again.

on may 16th results are due for the world's largest ever polling exercise in Democratic history,never have so many people voted together from one country!!they have voted to bring to power one of the most controversial and polarising figures of modern India-Narendra Modi.Indians have put their faith in a man who carries the hopes of more than a billion people to bring about economic revival but controversially also very unfairly carries the stigma of the 2002 riots in gujurat.

i am an unabashed Modi Supporter to the extent that one of my very good muslim friends from school has stopped being in touch with me!!the other day one of our patients from USA was asking me how India a nation of such great diversity where people from different religions,nationalities,castes ,langauages and culture have lived together for centuries in harmony is going to elect a divisive figure like Modi??my answer is simple- India has had a history of riots since the time the british colonised us and this policy of dividing the country on religious lines suited the monarchy perfectly because no one for nearly 200 years protested their rule because they were busy fighting each other on religious or regional grunds,this policy was continued by the Gandhi family and the congress party which always came to power by fear mongering and creating insecurity amongst the minorities especially the muslim community.earlier it was Nehru then his daughter Indira then her son Rajeev followed by his wife Sonia Gandhi.this fear mongering and offering benefits to the minority communities became the hallmark of the congress party which helped them to hold on to power for nearly 60 years by dividing the country on religious and ethnic lines,the minorities kept on voting for them because they were so scared by the propoganda of the congress that if some other party like the BJP came to power they would not take good care of them or would push them into submission,in fact they became so scared that they never realised that the congress kept them poor and economically backward for 60 years for their votes, the good news is that the youth have woken up and realised this tactic of the congress party,they want growth,they want development,they want to put the past behind,they realise that economic freedom and development is the best security for any individual or family or religious group,they dont want freebies,they want jobs,they want to work and earn a good living,they want good roads,good infrastruture, no power outages!!  

 Modi can provide all of this and more!!he has been in power in gujurat for more than 12 years and not even a single Communal riot or disturbance has taken place under his watch whereas every year some or the other major religious riot happens in some part of the country or the other,the industrial and agricultural output in gujurat has been consistenly 3 to 4 folds higher compared to the average growth rates for the rest of the country and there is unlimited power supply in almost all parts of gujurat because he has harnessed solar power .

In 2004 India was riding a economic wave,a superpower in the making,talked about in the same breath as china india had become a nation that after centuries of oppression and foreign rule gained the confidence to start believing in itself,in 2004 Manmohan singh became PM,he had immaculate credentials as an economist and is perhaps the cleanest politician in the country after Modi.10 years later in 2014 whilst china has gone from strength to strength,India on the other hand has become an "Aaya Ram,gaya Ram"(has been)

PM singh sat quietly and watched from the sidelines as Sonia gandhi and her son Rahul gandhi Single handedly destroyed and betrayed the hopes of a billion people!!growth stuttered under policy paralysis and corruption,the Cabinet filled their pockets whilst the country suffered from lack of investment and ridiculous retrospective rulings and laws which includes the ridiculous retrospective tax ruling in the vodafone case and the even more bizarre visa regulations for foriegn nationals undergoing surrogacy in India

There are millions of unemployed youth in the country and they want jobs and not  freebies worth 2 dollars a day!!in Modi millions of Indians hope to finally and forever shed the tag of underachievers and even though the appointment of Modi as PM of India is not agreeable at all to several fake and pseudo seculars but for millions of others Modi represents "hope" of a brighter future!!

just 2 more days(:

Busy busy busy-i love being busy with work!!

Oh Boy!! has it been a busy week or what!!!
so many babies born in the last one week.
first the Coldren's from USA had twins in the first week of march and then a couple of weeks ago a UK based couple Lee and Matt had their twins as well,these two were born premature and a lot of time was spent in consultation with the paediatricians to ensure that no complications developed.
thankfully they are doing fine now and will be recover fast,fingers crossed and a prayer on the lips for them.
Today Manel From Spain was blessed with a baby girl and so were Mrs and Mr.yang from canada.
April/may has been all about girl power.the number of girls born were siginifcantly higher than boys.
all the babies and their Surrogate mommies are doing fine..
its not just the clinical work and the work in the ivf lab that keeps me busy,since the change in regulations i have to work closely with both the Singh's to make sure that the paperwork for the medical visas/Surrogacy visas is updated from time to time and given to commissioning parents on time.all embassies across the world are not yet full in tune with the process especially because they outsource the paper work and hence someone or the other comes up with a new checklist every now and then and this keeps the lads on their toes all the time!!
right now it feels like the medical part is the easy part and the paperwork required for babies born through surrogacy especially for some countries such as the UK is simply ridiculous!!
we realise the importance of the surrogacy journey and we also realise that no two sets of commissioning parents will be the same,so we always make sure that we dont drop the ball when it comes to the paper work because this is extremely vital.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Surrogacy in India-Greatful to Surrogate mommy-American babies -born in India!

Mrs and Mr.Coldren from USA were belssed with twin daughters today morning,both mother and daughters are doing well and we are extremely happy for them and wish them well!!

Friday, 2 May 2014

Unfortunate that India can no longer help Spanish from having a baby through surrogacy

Contrary to what a  lot of the Spanish commissioning parents think  both Indian and Spanish governments are responsible for the current situation because of which spanish married /heterosexual couples cannot undergo surrogacy in India.the spanish consulate/MEA refuses to give a supporting document which says that babies born through surrogacy will be granted citizenship and Passport post birth.
this is a simple enough requirement from the govt of India and is important because babies should not be left stateless and i do not understand why the spanish government would refuse to give such a  letter even though they do give passports and citizenship to babies born through surrogacy in India.we have ourselves helped several spanish couples through the process.
the following is a report i read online

Barcelona- Every year, around 800 Spanish couples who see surrogacy as their only reproductive option must go abroad because does not permit the practice, experts said here at a conference organised by firm Subrogalia.
Only a few countries have any legislation regulating surrogacy and establishing that legal paternity resides with the couple who hire the surrogate, specialists in the field told EFE Thursday.
Spanish couples pay anywhere from 50,000 to 200,000 euros ($70,000-$277,000) for the process.
The top surrogacy destination for Spanish couples is Ukraine, where some clinics offer unlimited implantation procedures for a fixed fee, but Mexico is becoming more popular, as Ukrainian law bars surrogacy clinics from serving single people and gay or lesbian couples.
"Four years ago, the United States was the top destination and represented around 80 percent of all Spanish couples," Diego Sanchez, president of Subrogalia, said, adding that the proportion has since fallen to 15 percent.
"If we could go to a closer country to hire surrogate mothers, then we would," he said.
While Britain, Greece and Cyprus permit surrogacy, the practice is limited to residents and the prospective parents may not pay the surrogate, the attorney said.
Adoption is difficult in Spain, Sanchez said, noting that "more than 15,000 couples are officially registered on the waiting list to adopt 80-100 children a year."


Another day,another lil princess!!

Its Girl season again at Kiran infertility centre!!
a majority of the babies this month born through ivf and surrogacy program in April have been girls!!
a whopping 70% have been girls!!all for girl power!!
today Dr.Sri and Dr.Prasad were blessed with a baby girl today morning with the help of their lovely surrogate mum!!
they have been trying for a baby for very very long and  we are glad we could play our part.