Monday, 11 August 2014

Europe-after a very long time

Last week I had to visit Wiesbaden, Germany for a session on NIPT-Non invasive prenatal testing for Chromosomal And genetic was a 2 day session and I got to learn so much more on how to be able to detect and rule out Trisomies and other chromosomal disorders as early as 12 weeks of pregnancy.
of course when you go to Europe as I did after 4 years one cannot help but enjoy the sights and the beauty of Europe. we were also very happy to be able to catch up with lea,Mike,Jack and was an amazing feeling to meet and hangout with jack and Ben who I held in my hands when they were just 120 microns in size as tiny little embryos(:
it really put things into perspective for me and I felt very blessed that God gave me the skill and acumen to help infertile couples from across the world to have their own genetic babies with the help of our Ivf and Surrogacy program.