Friday, 26 September 2014

National Policy Dialogue on Surrogacy in India

On 23rd of September i was in New Delhi where i was invited to be part of a panel Discussion on issues related to Surrogacy in India,the Conference was organised by CSR which is a national body working on issues related to Gender equality and Empowerment of women.
Their head Dr.Ranjana Kumari is a dynamic lady who has been working for causes related to upliftment of women in India for the last 35 was a heated debate between the Pro and Anti Surrogacy Groups but everyone did reach a consensus that there should be more transparency and more public awareness to be created about Surrogacy in INDIA.
it was a wonderful experience to hear from Dr.R.S.Sharma who is the main in charge for drafting of the ART draft bill which includes the laws related to Surrogacy in INDIA and catching up with the leading practitioners of ART in the country.