Saturday, 30 May 2015

Surrogacy in Argentina

Surrogacy in India.

one of Our Patients from Argentina Landed back in their country earlier this week and the grandparents of the little one were waiting at the airport to meet the little lad.
this picture speaks happy for them!!

Friday, 29 May 2015

American baby through Surrogacy in Nepal

Surrogacy in Nepal

Congratulations to Vijay and Darin From USA on the birth of their baby girl born today morning.we wish them the very best
this is SCN's 9th baby born in the last two weeks

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Surrogacy in India.

We are very happy to announce the birth of twins- a boy and a girl for Mrs. and Mr.Sivadoss from UAE

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Nepal update

We have had 8 babies born  in the last couple of weeks all twins for parents from Australia/USA and Spain.we are in the process of finalizing paper work for them and the American parent has already applied for citizenship for their babies

 We have already started the clinic for work and our next case is posted for end of the month. The medical staff is now mentally ready to start work again and that is what we all think that to get over the emotional scarring and the fear that gripped all of Nepal the last few weeks will wean away only if we start resuming work again. That is the best way forward is to work because when you are able to bring new life into this world even in difficult circumstances it is bound to give you the energy needed to rebuild a city As I have stated before Nepal will bounce back because the people deserve to get back to their earlier life which is one of happiness and contenment
A lot of IP's who were at the final stages of deciding about the surrogacy program in Nepal might be having second thoughts about whether to continue or not keeping mind the two major earth quakes The one on April 25th was devastating and resulted in great loss of life and badly damaged the historical sites some dating back to the 14th century However Kathmandu city is a mix of the old and the new and hence the newer buildings /hotels/our clinic/Airport are safe and intact albeit with minor damages Kathmandu Airport is fully operational and running

Monday, 11 May 2015

very nice Video- Surrogac

Surrogacy in India.

got this really nice video from one of Our Patients Timothy Altanero,Sharing his Surrogacy Journey.
incidentally he sent this today and his second baby -a Boy was born today Afternoon
Also today twin boys were born for Mrs and Mr.Robert Whittel