Monday, 29 June 2015

Lovely Nepal

whenever i go to Kathmandu it is always like a working holiday for me,even though i go for a very short time.
it is a beautiful Valley City Surrounded by Mountains on all sides, it is densely populated and the people are extremely helpful,friendly,Religious and laid back.
i love the plane ride from New Delhi to Kathmandu,if you are lucky and the sky is clear you get a very nice view of the Himalayas!!
i especially love the food in Kathmandu,it is delicious to say the least,a lot like Indian food but the quality of the meat is amazing,being Hindu i eat only Lamb,Chicken and Sea food and i doubt we get the same quality of meat here in India.every street is dotted with all kinds of Eating joints which cater to all budgets.
the hotels are lovely in KTM,this time i stayed at the Park Village resort which is huge and on the outskirts of the is a lovely place to be staying with your Babies post birth because it has a lot of open space and greenery! no wonder a majority of the IP's who have had babies born recently are staying has a calming and soothing affect on you and the staff at the Resort will teach you to meditate and do Yoga etc.
Till now we have had 12 babies born through our Surrogacy program in Kathmandu for Spanish,American and Australian Intended parents and 9 of them have gotten Citizenship/passport and exits for their babies.
the remaining 3 babies-twins for a spanish couple and a baby girl for the Australian couple are awaiting their passports and exits which should happen this week. we now have the distinction of being the first centre in Kathmandu to have delivered babies for Australians,Spanish and American Intended parents.
A word of Appreciation for the Authorities in Nepal,it's been a little over 2 months since the big one hit KTM but passing through the streets and looking from the roof tops it does not appear like there was ever an Earthquake.
pretty much everything is back to normal and am very happy for kathmandu and it's People!!

Monday, 22 June 2015

Surrogacy update from India.

Surrogacy in Hyderabad
Congratulations are in order for Ian and Margaret from Australia on the birth of their baby girl -Anaya. she weighed 3 kilos at birth and both mother and baby are doing well!!
 so we have one Australian baby born with our Indian Surrogacy program and one Australian baby born with our Nepalese Surrogacy program,not sure if it's a record of sorts but it makes us proud that we are able to help Intended parents from so many different countries on a daily basis.
now comes the hard part- Dealing with the Australian High Commission!!

update from Nepal

Surrogacy in Nepal

our First Australian twins received their passports yesterday evening.
it took about 4 weeks from the time of submission of the Correct documents for the AHC to issue Citizenship and passports,so congratulations to the Parents Nick and Fabian.
the process was not easy but with the correct documentation in place things should be fine,being the first case for Australians in Kathmandu there were a few hurdles but with the right team in place things will go well.
Another baby was born to an Australian couple Rebecca and Lenny on sunday afternoon.
she weighed 2 kilos and was born a little early at 35 weeks but is doing well. so congratulations to them as well,they were our first Intended parents who signed up with us for our Nepalese Surrogacy program.

Kathmandu is coping well,things are picking up pace on a daily basis,they want Tourism to come back to KTM  as soon as possible because their economy survives on Tourism,the Nepalese are a very religious lot and they are confident that God will help them overcome the difficulties

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Spanish Twins-Update from Nepal

Congratulations to Ariel and Guille from Spain on the birth of their Twin Daughters! both weigh about 2 kilos and are healthy and doing well!! they were born 2 days ago.
there are currently 4 spanish babies in kathmandu-Nepal working with the Honorary consulate to prepare documents to be processed by the consulate in New Delhi.
since these are the first few cases there will be issues that crop up because i sense that the respective consulates also want to tread cautiously and not issue the citizenship and passports immediately thereby giving a sense of comfort to the Intended parents that the process is easy.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Update from India -Hyderabad and Gurgaon!!

late last week Tatiana Goncalves and Sandro Menzes from Brasil  were blessed with a healthy baby boy.
So congratulations to them!!
the Hot Summer is coming to an End with the arrival of Monsoon and the Rains!! it's getting cooler by the day in Hyderabad
Gurgaon is very hot because the rains begin a little later in the northern part of the country
we had our first batch of cases in Gurgaon last month and we achieved a 50% pregnancy rate which is good according to International standards but i am not happy,i believe we can do more and i have spoken to the team in Gurgaon about it!!
it is a small and modest start but we hope to help more couples there when our presence is more noticed as within a 2 mile radius there are 8 other facilities which offer fertility treatments!! it is competitive but i wouldn't have it any other way!!

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Update from Nepal

The First Surrogacy babies born in Kathmandu went back to the USA last week.So congratulations to Martin Ramey and his Family
the total processing time for the American passports was about 3 weeks
since it was the first ever case in Kathmandu for American nationals there were some new things to learn,some extra paperwork.
The US consulate in KTM needs the Surrogate mother to go to the Embassy to sign a waiver of parental rights which is not required in Hyderabad.
The other American Case-Vincent should get passports for his Babies this week and should be able to fly back early next week.
Another American case- Vijay is going to the embassy today for His DNA testing.
The first ever Australian Case has submitted the citizenship application and received a positive DNA match for their twins.they shall be submitting their application for passport this week.
the first ever Spanish case has an appointment with the honorary consulate in Spain tomorrow.
things are going well so far and coming back to normal slowly and steadily and i pray it continues that way.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Hong Kong and more!!

Trevor and Erin Beselt are Canadian Nationals based in Hong Kong.Eli is their Elder Son and Joe is the younger is simply heart warming to see these images!!  folks always ask me how it feels to be holding embryos in a dish in my hand,dont you feel scared that you hold a potential human life in your hand??
I always blank myself out when working in the IVF lab,i don't think on these terms.i

Emails that make my day!!

Everyday I get close to 200 emails,most of them are patient correspondence and part of my daily work.even though there is never a dull moment at work,sometimes I get emails which really bring into perspective the work we do on a daily basis
one such Email I got from Gracelyn and Leroy from Toronto,Canada
their twins were born a couple of months ago in Hyderabad with the help of a surrogate mother,below are pictures of little Imani and Leroy Jr.