Monday, 29 June 2015

Lovely Nepal

whenever i go to Kathmandu it is always like a working holiday for me,even though i go for a very short time.
it is a beautiful Valley City Surrounded by Mountains on all sides, it is densely populated and the people are extremely helpful,friendly,Religious and laid back.
i love the plane ride from New Delhi to Kathmandu,if you are lucky and the sky is clear you get a very nice view of the Himalayas!!
i especially love the food in Kathmandu,it is delicious to say the least,a lot like Indian food but the quality of the meat is amazing,being Hindu i eat only Lamb,Chicken and Sea food and i doubt we get the same quality of meat here in India.every street is dotted with all kinds of Eating joints which cater to all budgets.
the hotels are lovely in KTM,this time i stayed at the Park Village resort which is huge and on the outskirts of the is a lovely place to be staying with your Babies post birth because it has a lot of open space and greenery! no wonder a majority of the IP's who have had babies born recently are staying has a calming and soothing affect on you and the staff at the Resort will teach you to meditate and do Yoga etc.
Till now we have had 12 babies born through our Surrogacy program in Kathmandu for Spanish,American and Australian Intended parents and 9 of them have gotten Citizenship/passport and exits for their babies.
the remaining 3 babies-twins for a spanish couple and a baby girl for the Australian couple are awaiting their passports and exits which should happen this week. we now have the distinction of being the first centre in Kathmandu to have delivered babies for Australians,Spanish and American Intended parents.
A word of Appreciation for the Authorities in Nepal,it's been a little over 2 months since the big one hit KTM but passing through the streets and looking from the roof tops it does not appear like there was ever an Earthquake.
pretty much everything is back to normal and am very happy for kathmandu and it's People!!