Monday, 22 June 2015

update from Nepal

Surrogacy in Nepal

our First Australian twins received their passports yesterday evening.
it took about 4 weeks from the time of submission of the Correct documents for the AHC to issue Citizenship and passports,so congratulations to the Parents Nick and Fabian.
the process was not easy but with the correct documentation in place things should be fine,being the first case for Australians in Kathmandu there were a few hurdles but with the right team in place things will go well.
Another baby was born to an Australian couple Rebecca and Lenny on sunday afternoon.
she weighed 2 kilos and was born a little early at 35 weeks but is doing well. so congratulations to them as well,they were our first Intended parents who signed up with us for our Nepalese Surrogacy program.

Kathmandu is coping well,things are picking up pace on a daily basis,they want Tourism to come back to KTM  as soon as possible because their economy survives on Tourism,the Nepalese are a very religious lot and they are confident that God will help them overcome the difficulties