Tuesday, 22 September 2015

International Surrogacy in India

Parenthood is a natural life changing and eternally rewarding experience. The science of infertility treatment has leaped forward. Some forms of infertility which was not treatable in the past have a simple way out today- Surrogacy is a boon that can help many childless couples and can also help individuals who are not able to deliver a baby.
We at KIC, with the well-resourced ART infertility treatment and highly knowledgeable specialists in the field, to make fulfill the dreams of parentage; we have been able to help thousands of infertile couples and single parents all over the world over many years.

We will provide support and guidance right from the beginning of the process till you take your child home. Also explain clearly how the surrogacy and IVF program works with regards to legal procedures, screening and logistics of running a cycle. We will make every effort to your dreams come true
If you have any queries or would like to communicate with our specialists regarding surrogacy and IVF program please contact us through,
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