Wednesday, 4 November 2015

October Surrogacy Fest!!!

All that talk about the proposal by the government of India to restrict Surrogacy to Indian Married couples has been disappointing and Sad. i believe this to be a Progressive Government and i wonder what crossed their minds to propose something like this!!
the current situation is that the proposal is out for public discussion and debate and a majority are in favour of Surrogacy,so the government will need to take that into account before making any law.
the public discussion will get over by  15th November, after that the Bill has to be tabled in parliament and cleared in the lower and upper house and then signed by the president for it to become a Law.

we will soon be coming out with an online petition which we would like all of you to sign and support and get as many signatures as possible as this will definitely influence the government into making the correct decision.
otherwise it s been a hectic month. October and November always are hectic.
we have had a total of 20 babies born  from October 5th till November 4th
6 babies for IP's from Angola
2 from UK/HK
2 from Canada
4 from USA
remaining 6 from India.

so congratulations to all the folks from all over the world!!