Monday, 13 March 2017

How three parent babies will be born through surrogacy in the future!!

How three parent babies will be born through surrogacy in the future!!

India and its Doctors has always been at the forefront of ground breaking medical procedures and research especially in the field of Assisted reproduction and Surrogacy.

"Genetic diseases are a group of hereditary abnormalities due to a mutation in the mother's mitochondria,these diseases can affect one part of the body or multiple parts including the brain, kidneys, muscles, heart, eyes, and ears”.
according to conservative estimates thousands of children across the world are born each year with a mitochondrial disorder including mental retardation, epilepsy, cardiovascular disease and muscular dystrophy etc,many unable to go past the first few months of infancy and succumbing to the genetic condition”.
what this relatively simple technique will do is to take only the healthy genetic material from the embryo of a woman with defective mitochondria and a second embryo is then stripped of its key DNA but still retains its healthy mitochondria. Finally, the fertilized embryo is placed in the womb of the mother. This is excellent news for families with mitochondrial disease. This will give women who carry these diseased genes more reproductive choices!earlier they had no choice but to opt for an egg donor.
 the notion that a child will be born with DNA matching three parents is incorrect as the donor egg that is left stripped of its DNA contains no genetic material that will influence the child's physical Traits”

of course this procedure needs to be Legislated in parliament and should be allowed to be practiced however  some orthodox groups have already called the practice unethical and risky and say it will lead to the birth of “designer babies” and With the growing popularity of IVF and surrogacy this debate is here to stay!!

Dr.Samit Sekhar

ivf and surrogacy program Director

Kiran infertility centre