Tuesday, 26 June 2018

The number of Chinese Intended Parents seeking IVF and surrogacy services has significantly increased in the past two years since the end of the one child policy in China. We have many Intended Parents seeing IVF at our Kiran Infertility Center clinics across India and also many Intended Parents seeking surrogacy program at Surrogacy Kenya.

More and more Chinese couples are going abroad seeing for fertility treatments, as doctors in China can not treat all those who seek assistance conceiving.
There are only 400 licenced IVF clinics in China and somewhere between 40 to 90 million infertile people, more than 2 millions IVF cycles are needed each year and only about half of million can be done at the moment. There are also restrictions on egg donations and surrogacy and this is why many Intended Parents are seeking treatments overseas. Kiran Fertility Services is happy to assist via our IVF and Surrogacy Programs.

At Surrogacy Kenya we just have had a birth of beautiful set of twins – a boy and a girl via our surrogacy program in Kenya to our Intended Parents from China. We have at the moment 8 more Surrogate Mothers carrying babies for our Intended Parents from China at our Surrogacy Kenya.