Friday, 29 March 2013

wow!! today morning's been crazy,had 2 Opu's(egg collections),one for Anine from S.Africa and the other for Vanessa from Brasil.
the procedure went well and both are doing good,time to say good bye's as they will be going back to their country post OPU and as is customary at my clinic we always click pictures for the clinic album.we perform more than a thousand transfers in a year hence it becomes difficult to put a name to a face hence we take pictures.some pics below
Jim and steve from USA with their baby born last month.

I.p's from Spain and S.Africa with Medical Director-Dr.Kiran sekhar and Senior Obstetrician Dr.Pratima Grover.

Myself with vanessa,Anine and Lianey.
an update on the twin Boys born yesterday,both are doing well and started their signs of an infection which is good news.this is vital because pre term babies are more susceptible to infections because their immune system is not fully developed.