Saturday, 6 April 2013

5 a side football non stop for three hours,3 times a week is great!! i play tuesday,thursday and saturday from 8 pm till 11 pm but it does leave your lower body all sore the next day!! so i got up in the morning and finished half a can of relispray and headed to work!!
egg retrievals have to be done at a precise time(36 hours after HCG) otherwise you risk premature rupture of the follicles in vivo and no eggs can be retrieved hence being late for work is not an option no matter how late one plays soccer or parties late in the night,speaking of which my Pal Happy singh urf Satvinder Singh is back from his Goa vacation with family and we plan to hit the party scene later tonight!!
Happy Singh&Mrs!
anyways today there was one single egg retrieval posted and 3 embryo transfers everything went of well!!
the donor from thailand produced 24 ooctes must be some kind of a record cos Thai Donors usually produce between 8 to 10 oocytes and not more! just a personal opinion_Thai women are very petite and slight in built and very very softspoken and manager Anjani Kumar seems to fall in love with them quite often(:
so now have to perform IVF for all the 24 oocytes and then come back in the evening to denude the Oocytes.this is one slight modification i have made to that of my colleagues from across the world.i perform Denudation(the process of stripping the fertilised oocyte of the excessive cumulus mass) the same evening after Adding the sperm to the oocyte and not the next day as is done by the others.this i feel reduces the seminal ROS(reactive oxygen species) which can lead to poor fertilisation rates and subsequently poor pregnancy rates.
next week is Going to be super busy as there are about 6 babies expected to be born to surrogate mothers.
see you monday!