Monday, 15 April 2013

Phew Manic Monday is upon us!!
it was a very relaxing weekend with a much needed break from work on saturday and sunday.
monday morning started off on a bit of a low with only 4 eggs retrieved.this can happen sometimes especially if the female partner has history of infertility and is on the wrong side of thirty or even in her forties as Estrogen levels come down as a woman approaches menopause.
well the quandry is whether to perform IVF or ICSI???
i would prefer to do IVF because the sperm count and motility both look good under the microscope however there is a small risk of fertilization failure because the outer wall of the egg is known to become hard with advancing age and make penetration of sperm difficult.
the risk with ICSI is that woman over 40 have a high rate of embryo loss with ICSI,anyhow i have performed ivf after much deliberation and fingers crossed.i will check for fertilisation tomorrow morning!!