Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Playing ping-pong with the chinese!!

according to recent reports in the media and confirmed by the indian government a chinese border guards platoon of about 40 soldiers has pitched tents 10 kms(yes that is right 10 kms)inside the indian territory in ladakh in the western sector.

apparently the last time they did this was in 1986 in Arunachal pradesh and called it south tibet and they finally left on their own accord a full 9 years later in 1995.

according to the Indian side the disputed border with china runs a full 4056 kms but the chinese say it is merely 2000km long,herein lies the problem which Indian govt. fails to acknowledge!!

in a rather meek response to the chinese incursion the Indian Army has pitched its own platoon roughly 500 metres opposite the chinese tent!

well they should be doing more because this incursion is part of china's “string of pearl’s strategy” of encirclement around the indian peninsula,in the west they have Pakistan as their ally and have been making steady headway in the indian ocean and srilanka in the south!!

this is an act of aggression by china and India by underplaying this as a matter of varying perceptions about the border dispute are playing into the hands of the dragon and emboldening china further!!