Friday, 5 April 2013

TGIF-thank god Its Friday.

friday morning started with 3 embryo transfers,one was a routine IVF and the other into two Gestational carriers/Surrogate mothers.
the lady who underwent the ivf was 42 years and had undergone several ivf cycles in the USA(4 previous ivf cycles).
she has blocked bi lateral fallopian tubes so the only way she can get pregnant is through ivf,however she has a peculiar problem in the fact that her External cervical os/opening is always blocked.
before embryo transfer for each patient a trial transfer is done where in the outer sheath of the embryo transfer catheter is place through the cervix into the uterus to make sure that the embryo transfer is simple and easy.
achieving a pregnancy through ivf is not just about creating embryos but transferring them in a  simple and easy manner into the uterus under ultra sound guidance.the time taken from loading the embryos and transferring them should be minimal,i try to keep it to under 10 seconds,now if the cervix is blocked the Gynaecologist has to struggle with placing the outer sheath inside the uterine cavity thereby wasting precious seconds and exposing embryos to the Ambient environment.
also a difficult transfer can cause bleding and the embryos will get damaged if they come in contact with blood.
hence it is vital to perform a easy embryo transfer,we took a swab of the cervix and sent it for culture and sensitivity,it showed bacterial infection which was the cause for the cervical block.
the patient was put on Intra venous antibiotic for 7 days which cured the infection,however the cervix continued to be blocked, the Gynaecologist  Evaluated this as being due to the patient being tensed and not relaxing enough for the cervix to dilate,hence an embryo transfer was planned under General Anaesthesia and needless to say it went of very well.
below is an image for an USG guided Embryo transfer