Monday, 27 May 2013

Bayern Win!!
well finally Arjen Robben has been able to exorcise the ghosts from his past,for all his fluffed chances in the first half it looked like Bayern and Robben were choking again,but in the final few minutes that genius of a footballer Frank Ribery was able to conjure up some magic with the sweetest of back passes for Robben to wrong foot both Hummels and the keeper and slot the ball home!imagine the Sorrow at the Allianz arena if Robben had missed and Bayern had lost!
anyways my symapthies with Dortmund,they played superbly in the first 30 minutes but then somehow looked flat for the remainder of the game.
i think they sorely missed Goetze who was out with a mysterious injury and is already now a Bayern Munich player and for all reasons it looks like Lewandowski will also move to Bayern next year.
it will be difficult for Klopp and Dortmund to produce the same brand of attractive soccer the next season with their 2 stars heading to Bayern Munich!