Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Dortmund go to Wembley,Madrid bow out!
what a breathtaking game it was last night,Madrid fought and fought till their last breath if only they had lewandowski in their team!!
madrid scored twice in the last ten minutes through benzema and Ramos but it was not enough to defeat Dortmund who defended like their lives were on the line particularly Hummels !!
so i went to bed with a heavy heart last night but i am gonna be staying awake rather late again to watch Barcelona take on Bayern munich in the return leg at the Camp nou,when i visited spain about 5 years back i toured both the camp nou and the Bernabeau,both outstanding clubs but the camp nou when filled is like a couldron and very very intimidating to visiting teams! it will not be easy for Bayern tonight and all Barca fans will be praying for some magic from Messi!!
Cristiano Ronaldo had a very dissapointing night compared to the high standards he sets on the soccer pitch,maybe he was missing his Supermodel Girlfriend irina Shayk who was absent from the stands!!
below are some pics hen i visited the Santiago Beranbeau in 2008