Friday, 3 May 2013

The story of the forgotten Indian Spies!!
everyone in India is highly upset since yesterday since the murder of Sarabjit singh in a prison in Lahore,Pakistan!!
the act is highly deplorable and my sympathies are with his family but in the flow of emotion the public has forgotten that Sarabjit was allegedly an indian spy who was arrested in pakistan even though his family claims that he got drunk one night and crossed over the border into pakistan.
i dont know if he is a spy or not but he certainly did not deserve the death he got!
sarbajit is remembered now after his death but no one feels for the hundreds of indian prisoners rotting in pakistani jails,latest estimates show there are more than a 1000 most of whom are just lay fishermen who cross over unknowingly into pakistani terrirtorial waters,similarly there are several hundred pakistanis in Indian prisons on charges varying from drug peddaling to hardcore terrorism!
a very emotinal reunion is that of Surjeet singh who spent more than 30 years in various pakistani jails on charges of espionage and was released only last year and came back to india only last year,he accepts that he was a spy,similar is the story of another forgotten spy kashmir singh who spent close to 25 years in various pakistani jails and was released recently,he also claimed that he was a spy but upon recieving monetary compensation from the authorities later backtracked!
now espionage is dangerous buissness and all of the men on duty are duly informed that if caught they will not be recognised by the Indian side because of obvious reasons!this is a trend worldwide!
what the government can do though is to reward them handsomely for the sacrfice that they perform for the country and take care of the families of those on espionage duty!!the govt promises this but later backtracks which is shameful.
another option is to engage pakistan diplomatically and have exchange of prisoners,fishermen for fishermen and spy for spy!