Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Govt set to allow visas to singles too for surrogacy


well as i said earlier we will not rest until we get this ban reversed,slowly and surely the Government seems to be realising that it commited a blunder by not allowing Gay and Lesbians from having their baby through surrogacy in india.it is discriminatory to say the least when the entire world is in the throes of an LGBT revolution and giving them equal rights.
India is going backwards by having such  ridiculous rules in place.first of all our health minister himself commited a blunder by being quoted on record that  homosexuality is a disease(this statement he later regretted)
however the Journalist who wrote this piece deserves the bad journalist award because the article is full of contradictions,yes i am aware that a lot of times journalists quote sources who they cant reveal for obvious reasons but they should atleast cross check what they write especially when they are writing for a natioanl newspaper like the indian Express.
 quoting an MHA official,the journalist writes
."The new rules will, however, continue to bar gay or lesbian couples from hiring surrogate mothers in India. But one of the partners, either male or female, can get a medical visa(is the journo suggesting that the MHA source is provinding a loophole). They can visit India for a period of one year, which can be extended by another six months," said a senior official. Couples have to be married for at least two years before qualifying for such visas.
and the the heading is -Govt set to allow visas to singles too for surrogacy
so obviously he means that heterosexual couples need to be married for atleast 2 years to get  a surrogacy/medical visa and single men and women can proceed immediately?
so now the rule is discriminatory for married heterosexual couples whereas earlier it discriminated against singles and the LGBT community.
look the reasons for this Harakiri is very simple,the people in the MHA have absolutely no knowledge of the Surrogacy and ART industry.they should invite leaders in this field take their opinions and get this sorted out!