Monday, 27 May 2013

this is an article about the State of Louisana,USA opting for a pro surrogacy bill,like i have stated on numerous occasions earlier,the USA performs the maximum number of surrogacy cycles every year and the volumes are ten times more than performed in INDIA.then why is it that Surogacy in India is bad and exploitative whereas Surrogacy in USA can be promoted?
the answer is simple,the American Clinics were loosing out a majority of their patients to Indian clinics and hence the paid ongoing press and media campaign against surrogacy in INDIA.
the surrogacy industry in USA is worth Billions of dollars,i have had several patients on record who have spent close to 300 thousand US$ in America  and no baby,they came to us and in 25-30k us$ they have their baby!obviously the American Surrogacy industry is worried!
Dr.Samit Sekhar