Wednesday, 22 May 2013

last year Kiran Infertility Center pvt ltd began support to an NGO - 'AMMA'
'AMMA'-meaning mother in Hindi,  is an exclusively NGO dedicated for poor, needy and destitute women. With accommodation facilities for more than 300 people, its equipped with doctors and other facilities round the clock. According to Anjani Kumar - spokesperson for the Clinic, "Women who have been forced to leave their houses due to various issues are provided food, shelter and healthcare free of cost. The facility is visited by well-known people from the Medical and Law Fields, who try to understand the intricacies of their case, their family differences and disputes; and then try to send these ladies back to their homes after resolving these disputes".

Kiran Infertility Center has come up with this foundation which will help poor and needy women from society. AMMA Women's Welfare Society is a NGO, Non Profit and Non Governmental Organization, that has been set up to help the poor women in the society, to provide them opportunities to earn their living by teaching them vocational trade such as stitching, pottery, arts and crafts, etc. , also educating them about basic hygiene and nutrition, to provide shelter to homeless, a forum to provide social justice to women.

"Any society, any nation, is judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members - the last, the least, the littlest." We strongly believe in the above slogan says Kumar, and in our continuous effort to contribute to the society and to improve the standard of living of the unfortunate and poor Women in the India, we at the Kiran Infertility Centre have come up with a noble idea, to provide support to these women who are in need of help by establishing the "AMMA Women's Welfare Society".