Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Our journey with the Kiran infertility centre , stared 2 years ago around Christmas time...

After 5 years of trying to have a baby here in Toronto, canada we were looking for a miracle and we found it on CNN. We watched a show about the Kiran infertility centre and possibilities of surrogacy in India.


Let me give you a bit of background - we started to try to have a baby in early 2005 after several months and many trips to our family doctor and specialist nobody could tell us why it was not happening.

This is what we tried:

- Chinese acupuncture

- Chinese herbal teas

- naturopath help

- I has 3 different surgeries to see if there is a reason I can not get pregnant and nothing was found  and due to the surgeries one of my fallopian tubes was damaged and it had to be removed

- we tried first fertility clinic, but they were just way too expensive for us

- we moved to another fertility clinic and we tried many IUI and had 2 unsuccessfully IVFs

- after 5 long years I was not only diagnosed with UNEXPLAINED INFERTILITY, but also we had to refinance our condo and take another line of credit to cover the medical expensed that are not covered by OHIP or our insurances.

- we also started to look into adoption, but with the wait-time and amount of debts we had there were very slim chances...


So, another sad Christmas was coming and we were thinking of we should try one more IVF as we still had some money available to us from the line of credit, but we were really scared, as this was our last chance and if this would not work we had no more money and we knew that there are no guarantees... and suddenly we saw the show on CNN ( you can probably watch it on YouTube)


My husband Glenn did all the research about off different clinics in India and we contacted a few of them and we received a message from Dr. Samit Sekhar who is the program director and we really had a good feeling. We joint the clinics online social networking page  contacted other intended parents and received first hand information.


We spoke to Dr Samit  many times over internet and we received all the info we needed and in April 2011 we went to India. I went first and my husband joint me a week later, as he did not have so much vacation time. Our experience in India was great, the staff was fantastic and everything went well, but our surrogate did not get pregnant, after receiving the news we were heartbroken, however we knew we had 4 tries, so we were just waiting and we trusted Dr. Samit And Dr. Kiran Sekhar very much. After a few long months in November 2011 we got the news that the surrogate was pregnant and it was the first Christmas that was truly great for us! We were over the moon. During the pregnancy we were receiving scans and reports every 10 days and on June 20 the case manager Anjani emailed us that the surrogate was showing signs of labour and I flew to India on June 21 and our Zoe was born on June 22, well I did miss the birth, as the trip was so long, but it did not matter. We had a baby that we wanted for such a long long time. My husband came a week later and it took us exactly 6 weeks from the time Zoe was born to get all the papers done and on August 5 we came back to Canada.


If not for the Doctors and the Staff at the clinic we would never had a baby. Our Zoe will be 6 months old just before Christmas and there are not words to describe how much happiness she brought to our lives. I would strongly recommend the Kiran Infertility centre to infertile patients

We are planning  a little brother or sister for our Zoe with the Kiran Infertility Centre and expecting some good news soon.(