Thursday, 2 May 2013

so i was watching Barcelona getting thrashed by Bayern munich late last night and was about to go to sleep when the nurse called at 3am.
Mrs.k a Surrogate mother who is carrying twins at 14 weeks was experiencing pain in her abdomen and she had a little bit of spotting,so had to rush to the hospital.a vaginal exam showed that cervix was closed,after heaving a sigh of relief ,urine test was ordered.showed signs of urinary tract infection.antibiotic was started and decided to do an Encerclage operation to stitch up the cervix to prevent pre term labour which is very common in twin gestation.
  also known as a  cervical stitch, is used for the treatment of cervical incompetence a condition where the cervix has become slightly open and there is a risk of miscarriage because it may not remain closed throughout pregnancy. Usually this treatment would be done, in the second trimester of pregnancy, for a woman who had either suffered from one or more miscarriages in the past, or is carrying multiples(applicable to our case)
The treatment consists of a strong suture being inserted into and around the cervix early in the pregnancy, usually between weeks 12 to 14, and then removed towards the end of the pregnancy when the greatest risk of miscarriage has passed.we usually remove it after the C section.



so by the time everything was done it was already 8 am and had to freshen up and have breakfast at the hospital followed by a 3 Blastocyst transfers.
been 36 hours without sleep can already feel dozing off!!see you late!!
posted by Dr.Samit Sekhar