Monday, 27 May 2013

surrogacy story of sharon and Andrew Sookram from USA.
Our journey to explore surrogacy in India was totally unexpected. I was 38 years old when I gave birth to our beautiful daughter, a healthy full-term baby, however, we lost her in a tragic car accident 4 years later. Despite our loss, we knew we definitely wanted a 2nd chance at parenthood. I did two egg retrievals/IVF treatments with some of the best specialists at Cornell-NYC and Hyderabad, India, however, eggs retrieved were sub-par quality due to my age.

We briefly considered adoption in South America but quickly decided that it was not an option for us due to the legal steps involved. After the loss of our daughter, we knew we wanted another newborn baby, and I really did not have the mental stamina to go through a lengthy legal process only to be told that the birth mother will not relinquish her rights (personal situation with my best friend).

One Sunday afternoon after almost giving up hope I decided to get surrogacy done in India. To say that our lives have changed is an understatement; today we are proud and grateful parents to two healthy and handsome boys: Theo and Thur born on December 5, 2010. The word "parents" would not have been possible for us!we would like to thank All the Doctors at the kiran infertility centre,epecially dr.Samit Sekhar and his team of surrogacy specialists