Friday, 17 May 2013

Why Caucasian/IndianEgg donors are so important in Assisted reproduction and surrogacy.

a recent article in one of Africa's popular newspaper has come out with a very biased article on egg donation(
the article harps a lot on the negative aspects of being an egg donor but does not focus on the Altruism involved in it.
first of all there is nothing new about egg donors/oocyte's been around for more than 15 years now ever since the advent of IVF
yes all egg donors do it for the money there is nothing wrong in it,it helps someone else start a family which normally would not have been possible and it also provides the donors with monetary help.
the procedure involved is the same and the stimulation of ovaries is exactly the same as that which a woman would undergo if she herself is underoing an ivf cycle.if it is safe for women to undergo ivf then why is it unsafe for a donor to undergo egg donation?it is a very safe procedure with almost zero complication rate if performed at a good clinic under the expertise of a skilled medical practittioner.
in the article Dr.Le Roux a South African physician prescribes Lupron instead of HCG to trigger ovulation and suggesting that Indian Doctors maybe unaware of this,i would like to see any scientific studies which advocate the benefits of using lurpon instead of HCG!!infact it does not bring down the incidence of OHSS and using Lurpon will actually result in poor egg quality and limite pregnancy rates.
there are other proven scientific ways to bring down incidence of OHSS in donors to 0% instead of Lurpon.
if Indian fertility Doctors were not adept at using best and updated medical practices as the article seems to suggest then thousands of infertile patients from all across the world would not be lining up at Indian Clinics in order to become parents through ivf and Surrogacy.
some pictures.
at our clinic apart from the indian donors we have caucasian egg donors from europe,USA and south africa as well.
we rarely have to advertise for egg donors but because of the excellent treatment they recieve at the Kiran infertility centre,they refer other friends or colleagues for this wonderful act.