Friday, 31 May 2013

why surrogacy should be strictly regulated but not banned!!

Surrogacy is in the news again for the legislation of the pro surrogacy bill in Louisana,USA.
now the Americans and other western media propose to ban surrogacy in INDIA but are set to legislate on a pro surrogacy bill in the USA!!it is extremely disappointing to hear the often repeated arguement of  -Indian women are being exploited surfacing again and again by various vested interests both in INDIA and Abroad
and the less spoken about the hypocrisy of the Western press and media the better!!the Louisana surrogacy bill if passed will also disqualify gay men and women and single men and women from becoming parents through surrogacy because the sate of Louisana has not legalised same sex marriage as yet.when the Indian Govt.took such a step early this year,there was a lot of Hungama from the foreign press terming it discriminatory and regressive!!however not a word yet regarding the Regressive louisana Surrogacy bill?
the truth is that this arguement is being used by anti-surrogacy groups who are against assisted reproduction technologies like IVF and Surrogacy.
i am tired and angry at this misconception being represented about Indian women that they are too ignorant, ill-informed or otherwise unable to make sensible decisions with regards to being surrogate mothers and carrying a preganncy to term and handing over that baby to the genetic parents whereas in the same breath an American Surrogate is deemed to be sound of judgement? 
yes complications will happen and controversies in this exciting and rapidly advancing field of medicine keep cropping up from time to time,hence regulation is the need of the hour.
a majority of surrogacy arrangements end happily with the birth of a healthy baby/ies and with all the parties feeling satisfied with the process and the outcome.
this baby would not have been born at the kiran infertility centre today but for an absolute act of altruism on behalf of the surrogate motherPhoto: Another Surrogacy baby born! Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Omi from Japan on the birth of their healthy baby boy weighing 2400 gms conceived and born by the Gestational Surrogacy program of the Kiran Infertility Center, Hyderabad, India, today morning at 9:30 am IST.
Dr.Samit Sekhar
ivf and surrogacy program director.
kiran infertility centre,private limited.