Monday, 3 June 2013

France legalises Gay marriage
 post the legalisation of gay marriage, passed as law on May 18 france is apparently bitterly divided and it is not surprising because similar to India,homosexuality was considered "a mental diseas" in France
and this opposing half of French population is against the GPA bill, "gestation pour autrui" meaning the surrogacy bill. Currently, French law prohibits surrogacy because it "commodifies" the human body. Under French law, any donation for assisted reproduction has to be voluntary, free and anonymous and the woman who physically gives birth is considered the mother.
i am writing this against the backdrop of a surrogacy story covering the Kiran infertility centre and its Surrogacy program which was shown on frnech Natioanl Tv a few days can be viewed here
when they first contacted me,i asked the journalist the reason for this kind of a story and they told me that it would be to educate the French population about the benefits of surrogacy and i has come out well and delves into the importan aspects of a surrogacy arrangement at the kiran infertility centre.