Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Surrogacy India.
yet another happy surrogacy story from the KIC surrogacy program.
Dear Dr. Samit and Anjani,

That is a miracle for us to live in this era and know both of you.
We look at or think of our little ones every moment and could not stop thinking about India and KIC. You gave us the best we wish for.

We could not say enough thanks.

We will keep in touch for long long time :)

Take care

Best Regards,

Thai & Ngan & Natalie & Nicole
i am a very light sleeper and because most of our patients are in a different time zones we do get emails from them in the middle of the night mostly in case of an emergency,for egs if they dont get their menses on time or miss their flight etc.they need our guidance so i do check my email when my BlackBerry beeps and if it is an emrgency i make it a point to reply then and there and go back to sleep.i have gotten used to this since the last 5 or so years since the initiation of our International surrogacy program and i must admit that i sleep for only 4 to 5 hours on weekdays and try to catch up on my sleep on sundays(unless i am in bangalore(:!!,my family hates this habit of mine but now i am an official insomniac i guess!!
so last night at around 2 am i must have gotten this sweet message from the Tran's who just had their babies through surrogacy at our clinic and were back home in the USA and wrote us an email immediately upon reaching home.
it feels good when folks appreciate what you do for them as Surrogacy is not an easy job and a majority of them do! a few people would like to believe and treat this as a monetary transaction and keep it like that!! not even a thank you or a handshake,a few of them dont even look at you once their babies or born! i just take this as a cultural thing and dont bother about it and am much to busy with work to even pay heed to this,but i must admit my staff does get offended sometimes about this rude behaviour.i try to calm them down by being philosophical and telling them to believe in "KARMA"

Dr.Samit Sekhar
ivf and surrogacy program Director.
Kiran Infertility centre Pvt Limited.