Monday, 17 June 2013

Surrogacy News from  INDIA.

Bollywood star Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan expecting a baby boy through Surrogacy!the World press has been going to town and i couldn't be happier,because after Aamir Khan another bollywood star who just had a baby boy "Azaad" through surrogacy helps bring surrogacy ou in the open and people will be encouraged to study more about surrogacy!
well for all my friends who are not from INDIA,the headline should not make for much reading but for us in the Ivf and surrogacy field and Radiologists who follow the PNDT act to the letter,this comes as a shock because Gender selection or identifying the sex of the baby before birth is a punishable offence in INDIA which invites a jail term for upto 2 years for those who do it and for those who get it done!so if it turns out to be correct that Shahrukh and his wife indeed got to know the sex of their baby in the Antenatal period then they and their Doctor,who ever has done the procedure have commited a crime! will they be punished or like scores of big shots before them will they get away.
now their counter point maybe that the would have flown abroad and gotten this done,it is a known fact that Indian folks who come from money do fly to neighbouring countries like Thailand for egs to know the gender of their baby and the Indian govt cannot stop this!i think the Indian Govt should make going abroad to get a gender selection test illegal too.this is the only way the skewed Gender ratio will improve.