Friday, 21 June 2013

Why Surrogacy in India is your best bet of having a baby!
Despite the negative press it has been getting at the hands of vested interests,Surrogacy in India is still your best bet of having a baby.
it is one of the safest & cheapest options available today across the globe and is proved by the hundreds of  Childless and infertile couples turning up at fertility clinics in INDIA opting for  surrogacy to have a baby despite the regulations and restrictions put in place by the Indian Government in january 2013.
in January this year the indian government restricted the option to only married heterosexual couples to be allowed to have a baby through surrogacy in India after applying and duly getting a medical visa.this restriction is only for foreign nationals and not applicable to Indians.
this has brought down the number of foreign couples visiting INDIA for surrogacy but has not made a significant difference because a lot of couples still come in for Procedures like In Vitro Fertilisation,ICSI,oocyte and Embryos donation as well.
the reasons are manifold,the skill of Indian Doctors is world renowned in the field of Assisted Reproduction,this coupled with affordable fertility care(almost 1/4th the cost of America and Europe),availability of quality Caucasian and Indian Egg/sperm donors and a strict but regulated environment has provided infertile couples both Indian and Foreign to come to India for having a baby.
The American Surrogacy industry is facing a difficult time this year with the coming to light of several irregularities and frauds in the field of surrogacy in the USA,there have been stories of Surrogacy and egg donor Agencies closing overnight and dissapearing and a huge Debate over the passing of controversial Louisana Surrogacy bill,not to forget the costs of having a baby through surrogacy in the USA which is upwards of 200 thousand US$!!
in the UK and Certain other countries only Altruistic surrogacy is allowed wherein only Reasonable expenses can be paid to the surrogate  mother and Running an agency for surrogay or egg donation is illegal,however a lot of patients from the United kingdom have told me that they have paid more than reasonable expenses to agencies and surrogate mothers for years together and still no couple had to give up their child because the Surrogate mother a UK national decided to keep the baby even though she had no genetic link to the child.