Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Court Order: Couple Who Hired An Illiterate Indian Woman As Surrogate Must Prove She Was Not Exploited

According to Media reports in a bizzarre turn of events an Australian gay couple who hired an  Indian woman to be the surrogate mother of their twins was ordered by a judge to return to India to prove she had not been exploited!!!
apparently the surrogate mother had used a thumb print to sign a 29-page contract written in English.
She gave birth to twins and handed them over to the same-sex couple in 2011.
But in the Aussie Family Court earlier this month, Justice Ryan said she was concerned the woman had no idea what was in the contract.
“There is nothing in the document which suggests that before the birth mother signed that it was read and translated to her,” Justice Ryan said.
now whilst i understand that the Judge maybe worried about exploitation i simply dont understand why this is deemed necessary now?
the same agreement would have been shown to the Australian consulate and other Authorities who would have done their investigation and given an Australian passport to the twins in 2011,taking this passport the couple would have gone to the Indian FRRO and gotten Exit visas for their twins.if at all any doubts were there,it should have been dealt with at that very moment!!
conservative figures show that alteast a hundred babies would have been born to Aussie parents with the help of Indian surrogate mothers,so have the judges asked all of them to return to india to prove that their surrogate has not been exploited?why this Bias against one particular couple?has it got anything to do with their Orientation?
Dr.Samit Sekhar
ivf and Surrogacy program Director.