Tuesday, 27 August 2013

A world without Men??

i read this article the other day in a newspaper and called my lesbian Friend in  Australia as to what she thought of "A World without Men". her answer did baffle me because she said that she and her partner do discuss this quite often not just amongst themselves but their peers as well.
Their fantasy is about Women living together in an all-women World!!,raising families and their own food without violence(apparently men are the reason for all violence and wars)No men are needed, even in the creation of children. While once thought only to be a figment of ones imagination, the possibility of an all-female society may not be too far into the future.
Japaneese Scientists have created mice pups from two female mice. No male mice or sperm were involved. The offspring were all female. Parthenogenesis is defined as reproduction without fertilization. It occurs naturally in some plant and insect species. It does not occur naturally in mammals, but like many other scientifica advancements of the modern day such as cloning, it can now occur with work in the lab.
Researchers have suggested that it may be possible in the future to create sperm from women and eggs from men — a feat, that if achieved, could revolutionise infertility treatments.
the scientists used skin cells from mice to create primordial germ cells or PGCs. PGCs are the common precursor of both male and female sex cells.
These cells were then developed into both sperm and eggs. Scientists used these to create live-births via in vitro fertilisation.
The technique offers numerous possibilities for reproductive medicine.

Dr.Samit Sekhar
Ivf and Surrogacy program Director.