Thursday, 1 August 2013

Plan panel wants to make surrogacy law more women-centric

The ART bill wont pass this year either!!apparently the Planning Commission has stepped in to rework the draft legislation on surrogacy to make it more women-centric.
The commission has asked ICMR not to push the draft legislation in haste and wait for wider consultations!this is the problem!! all they do is consult and plan and strategise but never put the plan into action!!this is why the rupee is falling,this is why the stock market is crashing!this is why growth has fallen from 8% to 5% in less than 2 years!!
who gives the planning commssion the right to delay passage of the bill i have no clue because the Bill was drafted by the Ministry of health and family welfare in consultation with ICMR and had top notch lawyers,Doctors and social activists were involved.
it was ready in 2010 and 3 years later these folks wake up and want to revise the bill and add more regulations.what they dont realise is that the bill is ready and should be passed asap and made into a law.this will take care of all the misgivings they have about the Assisted reproductive technology industry as it will give more teeth to the ICMR and other monitoring bodies to monitor clinics and hold them responsible in case of any malpractice.
one of the members of the panel is quoted by the media as saying that "most of the women renting wombs hailed from Juhapura in Ahmedabad, a slum which emerged as a hub for surrogacy after the 2002 riots"!!.
for God's sake surrogacy had not even picked up by 2005! i know its election time but are we going to communalise even a medical process like Surrogacy?our Leaders need to wake up and smell the coffee before its too late!!