Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Surrogacy story from Brasil.

a delightful Story from Ivonete,Pedro and Estela.
Estela happened in our lives very quickly. It was in May 2012 during our vacation trip along the beaches of northeastern Brazil, Brazil, when we watch the television show, Fantastic, national network, talking a matter of surrogacy in the Kiran Infertility Center. At that time we decided that we would go to Hyderabad, India, realizing our big dream.
During our walks on the beach, we saw our child running through the sand and said that in our next vacation trip we would not be alone anymore ...
Wanting information of Kiran Infertility Center, send an e-mail which was promptly answered by Anjani! And one of the phrases that most encouraged us was: "Bring it on, we all ready waiting for you, we have a surrogate mother waiting for you!" Those words were very important to us!
Our e-mail communication among lasted almost thirty days. The desire to have our son was so big that we do not think the distance between Brazil and India. Everything was very easy and relaxed. So we told Dr. Samit and Anjani we would be in Hyderabad in September 2012.
To our surprise, on 14/08/2012, we come to Hyderabad, Kiran Infertility Center. So we personally know Dr. Samit and Anjani. We will never forget that moment. Everything was perfect. From the entire team at Kiran receive affection, attention and professionalism. So we begin our process.
Born in April 2013 our Estela, little star that came brighten our lives. Baby healthy, happy and blessed. The trip back to India now has a different meaning, a mixture of surprise and reunion: Will seeing our baby and to review the special people who have contributed to make our dream realidade.Pelas wonderful hands of Dr Samit and all medical staff passed our little one. We have no words to thank you. We are part of this big family. We are eternally grateful.