Saturday, 28 December 2013

Indian Surrogacy helps develop life long friendship for couples from different nationalities

In the picture below are couples from 3 different nationalities staying at our service apartment.
Mrs and Mr.Bolsover  from London,Mrs and Mr.Rodrigues  from Spain and Mrs and Mr.Sathasivan from INDIA.soon they will be joined by couples from Australia,Uk and canada
in the last 7 years we have seen people from several different countries become good friends and bond whilst spending time in INDIA away from their families. they have developed and grown into one big family,the Kiran clinic family!
they come from different backgrounds,different cultures and speak a myriad of languages but the common thread that binds them is INDIA.
we have helped couples from more than 40 different countries to have babies through our ivf and surrogacy program.