Monday, 16 December 2013

Surrogacy in INDIA-Bringing families together

The below picture is of Mike,Brad and their dauther Ashton posing with Rusell Wagoner and his son Rhys.Russell's partner Richard is missing from this family pic.
Mike and Brad are from Kentucky,USA and they had taken their Daughter Ashton to NYC and they caught up with Rhys and Russell over there.
both Ashton and Rhys have been born with the help of the Kiran infertility centre,Surrogacy program and Ashton was infact one of our first surrogacy babies.
it feels great that surrogacy in INDIA has helped provide oppurtunities for Intended parents from countries all over the world to have babies.
we also feel humbled by all the love and affection shown by our patients when they send us such pictures thanking us.